10+ ZOOM Sessions Per Week

TABATA. Start  the  day  with  a  30  min metabolic  BOOST.

HIRT.  High  Intensity  Resistance  Training.  Combination  of  intensity, and volume, utilising  calisthenics  /  light  equipment. 

STRENGTH.  Specialist strength  classes  on  request incorporating  heavy  compound  movements  and  powerlifting  techniques. 

3 x Industry Leading Coaches

Dan, Charlotte and XJ all have extensive experience within the industry, with combined experience of over 20 competitions throughout the Asia Pacific in bodybuilding and modelling  with  a  share  in  major  title  wins.  

1000’s  of  practical  hours  in  coaching  everyday  and  competition clients, compliment  a  strong  theoretical  background  with formal   qualifications  held  in  Personal  Training,  Strength  and  Conditioning,  Biomedicine  and  Project  Management.  These  are  paired  with  professional  accreditation from  ACE,  Fitness  Australia,  ASCA  and  Sports  Nutrition  Australia.

Unique Training Programming

Our  current  method  of  programming  is  versatile,  flexible  and  adaptable.  Clients  are  prescribed  a 5 day  training  split,  with  multiple  ‘options’  per  workout.  These  ’options’  are  tailored  to  the  clients  specific  circumstan Cesena,  including  equipment  availability,  technical  ability  and  current  position;  with  one  common  theme..  Training  intensity is  combined  with  volume  to  deliver  sustainable strength  and  body  recomposition  outcomes.

Progressive Nutritional Coaching

Rather than a more traditional, restrictive approach, we prefer to give clients the tools that they need to promote long term sustainable body recomposition outcomes. This includes  healthy  eating  guidelines, macro nutrient awareness, combined  with  various  templated approaches, and peri  workout  strategy. Along  the  way  we  will  share  some  of  our  best  tips  developed  through multiple  contest  preparations.    

Supporting Accountabilty

With  24  hr  support,  and  weekly  group  check-ins,  we  provide  you  with  the  framework  to  become  accountable. With  the  right  tools,  and  support  of  coaches  and  the  group; you will  be  able  to  make  clear  and decisive  decisions  that  positively  impact  your  outcomes.   

World Leading Software Interface

Powered by Trainerize, our training application provides training  programming,  with  guided  workouts,  video  instructions,  powerful  tracking  features  and  easy  integrations.,  and  an  outstanding communications  interface  with  file  sharing  capabilit.  See  below  for  more...