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The World Fitness Federation was established in Germany in 1968, with events mostly promoted and concentrated within eastern Europe. Significant growth over the past 50 years has solidified the WFF’s position as one of the leading bodybuilding and fitness modeling federations in the world, with events now held across every continent and 2 major international championships each year. The WFF offers competitors the opportunity to travel, with a number of international pro-am events every year offering lucrative cash prize pools.

The WFF promotes classic or athletic bodybuilding with a focus on the aesthetic quality of the physique as opposed to just muscularity. The modeling classes showcase competitors that are as entertaining as their physiques are conditioned, muscular and aesthetic.

Competition Preparation can be delivered online via the use of our trainerize mobile/web interface, incorporating phone/video link, as well as in-person. In-person preparation clients receive a high level of service, with weekly checkins incorporating body composition analysis, dietary/training/lifestyle review, as well as technical work regarding training and posing practice. Our systems allow us to offer online clients the same, and in the past have even connected internationally via video link to backstage pre contest . We are committed to providing EVERY assistance possible to MAXIMISE your opportunity for success.

A competition preparation can typically last from anywhere between 16-30 weeks in duration, depending on the condition of the athlete and their response to training/nutrition stimulus. This is why we offer 2 FIXED PRICE options, so as the athlete can prepare at a pace of best fit without any additional financial pressure to hit a contest date or minimise a preparation length. A 16 week preparation primarily ‘cutting’ phase, whilst a 22-24 week+ preparation would include a period of ‘recomposition’ and  pre  preparation prior to the initiation of a contest dieting period. We believe that this places the athlete in the best possible position to peak for their contest date.

We have our very own nutritional consultant, Dr. Georgia Wiegard, to professionally assess clients before the initiation of a customised dieting strategy. All of our packages are inclusive of this service and also contain a tailored reverse dieting protocol, to ensure a smooth transition period post competition both physiologically and psychologically.

As with nutrition there is no ‘one size fits all’ in terms of a training approach, as different bodies respond differently to various training stimulus. However our philosophy is that cardio should be kept to a minimum and incorporation of strength training with relevant intensity methods kept high. This for the most part develops physiques that are hard, lean and strong, allowing the athlete to take to the stage with maximal levels of conditioning and muscularity.

Being part of such a great team of experienced athletes and coaches, you can rest assured that you will be looking your best on stage. We have preferred suppliers for tanning, photography, hair and make-up, costumes, as well as a network of competitors to share and collaborate ideas. Posing practice is normally held one-on-one with external posing classes sometimes recommend.